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Give a child an unforgettable summer!

Boy biting into watermelon with delight

I love watermelon.

Cold watermelon tastes so good on a hot summer day. I can’t eat a slice today without smiling and recalling the seed-spitting contests I won as a boy.

Think about your fondest childhood summertime memory – finding seashells along the beach, playing softball with friends, road trips with the family, or fireworks and grilling hot dogs. Now, imagine if your memories were filled with anger, pain and darkness. This is the reality for many of the boys and girls who come to us. Abuse and neglect overshadow their memories.

Today is your opportunity to do something about it. Give a summertime gift and help create joyful, new memories for a child to cherish for a lifetime. Your generosity offers hope, healing and happiness to boys and girls who desperately need something to smile about!

Please help children this summer! Your gift is important to meet needs and to ensure a child’s summer is filled with encouraging activities that create lasting memories.

Give online at

Michael C. Blackwell

President/CEO (And watermelon seed-spitting champion)

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