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Quiero ser como Lenuel y Sandy, y tú también.

Michael C. Blackwell stood at the podium to introduce Baptist Children’s Homes (BCH) Baptist Heritage Award recipients Lenuel and Sandy Chamberlain. The couple support and volunteer at the Good Shepherd Children’s Home in Guatemala. Blackwell said they see the often abandoned, traumatized “little ones as children of the most high God.” He said that the orphan children and staff members at the Guatemala home see “something special, something loving in these two adults, so much so that they say in their hearts, ‘‘Quiero ser como Lenuel y Sandy Chamberlain.’”

The annual Baptist Heritage Awards program hosted by the North Carolina Baptist Foundation and the Baptist State Convention was held April 5 at the Grandover Resort in Greensboro. This year’s awards were presented to an array of honorees recognized for their friendship and support for nine North Carolina Baptist organizations. The award is among the highest honors given to a North Carolina Baptist.

Blackwell added that the Chamberlains are known for their humility. “They don’t need the spotlight. They don’t seek the spotlight, to shine on their good deeds or ‘good neighbor assistance.’” He said, “And if you got to know them, as I know them, as my staff knows them, you too would say with these orphan

children, ‘‘Quiero ser como Lenuel y Sandy Chamberlain.’—“I want to be like Lenuel and Sandy Chamberlain.’”

Lenuel serves on BCH’s Board of Trustees and Sandy serves on Good Shepherd’s Board of Directors. When Lenuel completed his first term as trustee, he spoke saying, “Being a Trustee of the Baptist Children’s Homes changed my life.”

Those powerful words illustrate the emotional commitment and

heart-felt dedication the couple have for BCH’s ministry. They seek

no attention for what they do. They do things quietly, yet effectively. There was even a reluctance to be recognized for this year’s award, such is their humility and desire to reflect all glory to God.

Lenuel and Sandy are known and well-respected throughout Yadkin County and are active North Carolina Baptists. As owners of the Lone Hickory Arena, they host the local cowboy church as well as many other Christian events. The Chamberlains have invested themselves in making life better for babies, children, the frail elderly, and families in need of the grace and healing power of God. Humble servants, that’s who they are and that’s why they are BCH’s 2022 Baptist Heritage Award recipients.

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