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$1 a day goes a long way!

What if you could give sweet dreams to a hurting child?

The things that go bump in the night have been far too real to boys and girls before coming to Baptist Children's Homes of North Carolina. Instead of sleeping peacfully, children have been forced to be on their guard. Some have lived on the streets where resting is next to impossible. Others have endured far worse because of the abuse that has marked their lives.

You have the power to help!

It's only through the support of friends like you that our nonprofit ministry is able to provide safety and comfort to the hurting boys and girls entrusted to our care. When you become a "Sweet Dreams" Bed Sponsor, your support means a girl who previously had no place to sleep has a warm bed all her own. Your sponsorshipmeans a boys who once had to stay awake all night to make sure no one would hurt him can rest soundly. You give these precious children the opportunity to know they are safe, they are loved and that those bumps in the night are no longer anything to worry about.

Your sponsorship lets a child know you care.

This precious child sees a plaque with your name addixed tot ehir bed each night and knows he or she can count on you. For only $25 per month (or a one-time payment of $300) you can sponsor a child's bed. You may sponsor a room with two beds for $600.00 or an entire cottage for $3,000. Our "Sweet Dreams" Bed Sponsor program enables you to make a one-time gift, or 12 monthly donations. As an acknowledgement of your gift, a plaque with your name will be mounted on a child's bed. You receive additional plaques for multiple sponsorships. You may also choose to make your gift in honor or memory of a special person in your life.

You can indeed give sweet dreams to a child who is counting on you to help!

I hope you will do so today. Thank you.

With kindness,

Michael C. Blackwell, President/CEO

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