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Heal a Child's Hurt this Easter

For many years, Diane and her husband Richard have been cottage parents. They’ve learned healing a broken heart is never easy.

Ellie’s mother and father was lost in their drug addictions. The last day the eight-year-old said goodbye to her parents, she had no idea it was forever.

Ellie seldom felt like playing with the other children and kept to herself. One day while coloring with Ellie, Diane gently asked why she was sad. “Nobody loves me,” she whispered through her tears.

Diane’s whispered back, “Not only do I love you, but Jesus loves you, too” Consoling the little girl in her arms, she assured her, “We will be here for you and help you whenever you need somebody.”

Diane showed Ellie the love of Jesus. It was healing to the young girl’s heart. Because of your generous gift , cottage moms like Diane share a loving God and offer hope. This Easter, Ellie’s life is renewed through the Gospel being lived before her. Make your Easter gift today and share the hope of Christ that heals children’s hurts, mends hearts, and restores lives.

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