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The Christmas season is a favorite time for many. Now, even for Josh.

When Josh first arrived, his hair hung down covering his eyes–– the eyes of a boy who had lived a life of emotional, physical, and sexual abuse. He trusted no one.

Throughout his four years at Baptist Children's Homes, Josh experienced love for the first time. He saw love through his cottage parents’ actions. He saw it as they attended church together as a cottage. He saw it at Christmas as he heard about the birth of a Savior who would eventually come to be Josh’s Savior. Through the unconditional love he witnessed at BCH, Josh gave his heart to Jesus.

Josh began to look people in the eye. He learned to trust, to love and how to receive love in return. And he discovered in the hardest times, God is always there for him.

Would you please be there for Josh, too? God has worked miracles in Josh's life through the prayers and financial gifts of friends across our state.

Please become a Christmas sponsor. Your gift ensures that every child has a Merry Christmas. There will be gifts under the tree. Cottage parents will share the true meaning of the season with every boy and girl. And like Josh, these children need to hear the story of a Savior who was born in a lowly manger because He wanted to show us the meaning of true love. Thank you!

Give immediately at

With gratitude,

Michael C. Blackwell


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