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The brothers never dreamed...

“I’ll be back in a little bit,” she told her two young sons. Eight-year-old Will and seven-year-old Gage waved goodbye. Their mother often left them home alone, but she always returned. The brothers never dreamed that when she walked out that night, she would be walking out of their lives.

The boys needed a safe place immediately. We received an urgent phone call from authorities. While the other children in the cottage slept, a frightened Will and Gage arrived and caring cottage parents welcomed them. They fed the boys and gave them clean pajamas.

But as the boys laid their heads down to rest, Will worried. “Will we get new clothes for school?” he asked his cottage mother. “We don’t have anything, and the other children might make fun of us.”

Because of you, the brothers had new clothes and school supplies. Fees were paid. They had everything they needed. Will didn’t worry anymore.

Through your Back-to-School gift, children can excel and discover success and happiness. Please give.

Thank you for always being there for BCH's boys and girls.

- Michael C. Blackwell


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