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Something to smile about!

At Christmas, there's nothing like seeing a child's smile. Baptist Children's Homes' (BCH) cottage parents love to see the children in their care come running when it's time to decorate the tree. When their faces lights up as they bite into a sugar cookie, fresh out of the oven. And seeing a boy's excitement as he unwraps a new toy truck or a girl lovingly hug her new doll is the best feeling in the world.

For many of our children, all of these Christmas activities are first. Before BCH, there were no smiles during Christmas -- no bright decorations, no fresh cookies, no presents, and most of all, no hope.

Through your Christmas sponsorship, you help provide children peace and a good night’s rest, full bellies, and cottage parents who want nothing else than to see smiles return to faces during the Christmas season and beyond.

For all of us, there have been times this past year where finding something to smile about has not been easy. COVID-19 has caused hardships for you and your family. It has created additional stress on our boys and girls who are already dealing with the traumatic circumstances that brought them to BCH. Christmastime is the perfect opportunity to bring joy to their hearts and share with them the only hope that will sustain through these unprecedented times -- Jesus Christ.

Remember, through our $250,000 matching gift challenge, your investment will double. Your generosity now not only helps at Christmas but will help in the coming year. Thank you!

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Michael C. Blackwell


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