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Make this school year a success for BCH boys and girls

“The bus is coming! It’s just ahead,” echos in the hallways as children scramble to tie their last shoelace, grab their backpacks, and run out the door.

Because of back-to-school sponsors, there is so much that lies ahead for our boys and girls. Did you know that as a sponsor, your gift goes beyond ensuring children have the school supplies, clothing and necessary materials they need for the year ahead? You are rescuing children who have gone without food, without a safe home, and without the love they deserve.

Up ahead, there are hugs from cottage parents who show children the unconditional love of Jesus. There are three meals a day and snacks. There is a safe night’s sleep in a warm bed. Up ahead, there is a future free of pain –– a future she thought she would never have –– a future where she can dream about a life she never thought she would know.

The bus is coming! It’s just ahead. But it’s not too late for you to make a difference. Give a child a successful school year. Give them hope. Give them the future.

Thank you for always being there for BCH's boys and girls.

- Michael C. Blackwell


P. S. You help hundreds of children through your back-to-school sponsorship! Please don’t the next few days we will begin purchasing supplies for all the children in our care across the state. Without your help, it is impossible to provide the supplies, educational support, and the daily care they need.

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