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Give Her Joyful Summer Memories!

"Don't leave me!"

Jenny clung to her cottage mother as she cried out these words while the other children hung from the monkey bars and swung on the playground swings.

Jenny came to live at Baptist Children's Homes (BCH) a few days prior and had already begun to make friends and get to know her cottage parents. However, whenever they would go out to enjoy the sunshine, Jenny did not want to play. She stayed close to her cottage parents. One day while the other children were on the playground, Jenny bravely told her cottage mother, "My momma left me at the playground and never came back."

As Jenny cried, her cottage mother hugged her tightly and assured her that she never had to worry about being abandoned again. A few days later, Jenny slowly stood and began taking small steps towards the playground. Her cottage mother smiled widely as Jenny suddenly ran to the playground and climbed onto the nearest swing. The only thing abandoned on this day was the young girl's fear!

Jenny experienced her first summer filled with laughter and joy because of friends like you! As a summer sponsor, this is the gift you provide for boys and girls, like Jenny, whose lives have been marked by heartache. At Baptist Children’s Homes, their cottage parents ensure they feel safe, loved and ensure their summers are filled with activities that replace their painful memories with ones of happiness.

Please be a summer sponsor and help hundreds of boys and girls who count on

your faithful support. We are still navigating restrictions because of COVID-19, but our cottage parents are committed to giving children, like Jenny, a summer filled with safe activities that will bring joy to their hearts. It’s only through your gif t that we can care

for boys and girls and give them joyous memories.

Thank you for making summer unforgettable for North Carolina children!

-Michael C. Blackwell

BCH President/CEO

P.S. Please help children this summer! It is important for meeting their tremendous needs, but also for ensuring their summer is filled with fun activities that create lasting memories.

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