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"Can I wash my clothes everyday?"

Nine-year-old Jamie had lived in a house that had no electricity

or running water. The first day at Baptist Children’s Homes she began asking, “Do you have a washing machine?” “Can I wash my clothes everyday?”

Her cottage mother saw the tears in Jamie’s eyes as she repeated the questions. “I only have one outfit good enough for school,” Jamie declared. “I need to wash them so they’re clean.”

“I tell you what, let’s go shopping in a few minutes. We’ll get you new clothes for school. And you don’t have to worry about washing them, we’ll take care of that together.” And her cottage mom assured Jamie that there was a washing machine.

Jamie’s story is unfortunately too familiar. Many of our boys and girls come to us with only the clothes they are wearing. Most of the time they are dirty, tattered, and often don’t fit. Through your back-to-school gift, the items the children need are provided. Fear is replaced with excitement about school.

You can be a part of changing a child’s life by becoming a back-to-school sponsor! Use the postage-paid enclosed envelope or visit to make your gift. You will not only help children be prepared for school, but you ensure children like Jamie have the caring home every child deserves.

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