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"Can I have the white shoes with the bows?"

Though many pairs of pretty shoes caught the attention of Jessie and her Baptist Children's Homes cottage mother as they walked through the store, these were, by far, the young girl's favorite. They were her dream shoes! In fact, everything about their shopping day felt like a dream to Jessie because only days earlier, her life was a nightmare.

Life at Jessie's family home was desolate and lonely. The girl was practically invisible to her parents. Being ignored by her parents while they went about fulfilling their desires and feeding their addictions was normal to Jessie. Before arriving at Baptist Children's Homes (BCH) shortly before Easter, this was the only life that she knew.

At Easter, Jessie proudly wore her white shoes to church. She heard the pastor talk about the color white and how it means pure -- pure like Jesus. Jessie wanted to be pure like Jesus. Two weeks later Jessie asked Jesus into her heart. She wore her new white shoes the day she was baptized.

Jessie has a new home, a new life and Jesus in her heart because of you! Your generous financial gifts give children a home. You give them hope. You make it possible for them to hear the Gospel, often for the very first time. Because of you, 703 decisions for Christ have been made in the past five years!

Give this Easter and show these precious boys and girls that they are loved. Thank you for all you do to make an eternal difference in a child's life.

Please give online today at

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