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Abe loves searching for eggs

The six year old’s excitement is evident by the smile on his face as he hurries to find as many brightly colored plastic eggs as he can. Hidden inside each egg is a small treat such as a piece of candy or even a quarter or two.

The most-prized egg however does not contain anything inside. The child who finds this egg wins a special prize––and the empty egg has another extra-special meaning.

The children finish the egg hunt and immediately begin going through their baskets. Abe opens egg after egg until he picks up one that is lighter than the rest. He pulls the two plastic halves apart and sure enough––there was nothing inside. Abe found the prize egg.

The boy is staring at the empty egg when his cottage father Will walks over, but before Will can say a word, Abe looks up, “Mr. Will, the egg is empty. It reminds me of the empty tomb. I know Jesus lives for me.” Will hugs the little boy, “That’s right, Jesus lives for you.”

In this time of pandemic, God has been faithful to BCH's boys and girls and so have you. Through your generous financial gifts, a child like Abe, who only knew a life of abuse and heartbreak, has a safe home, good food, and a warm bed to sleep in each night. Also, Abe was introduced to a resurrected Savior because Will shared the Gospel with him.

Make your Easter gift today -- help hurting children have a safe home where they can know the love of Jesus. We cannot offer life-changing hope without you. Thank you for sharing the love of Jesus this Easter.

Make your gift online at

He Lives!

Michael C. Blackwell


P.S. Because of you, 725 decisions for Christ have been made in the past five years!

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