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With bowed heads and thankful hearts

Will you give a little extra this Christmas? The reasons for my request are numerous, but in the end, it is always for the children

Twins Adam and Andrew, who came dirty, tired and sad because of the trauma they endured, were elated when they unwrapped the new cowboy boots they requested for Christmas.

Eight-year-old Joe, who scribbled only one item on his Christmas wish list –– “one pair of socks with no holes” –– was excited when he received new socks and much more.

Jake, Robin and Sara, who were always hungry and wanted “turkey and dressing for Christmas just like on TV,” were served such a delicious meal for first time.

Siblings Elizabeth, Mary and Carly, who arrived on our doorstep in the freezing cold wearing tank tops, shorts and flip flops, needed to experience a “Merry Christmas” and so much more.

For those whose Christmas have and will be made memorable, be assured, heads are bowed with thankful hearts. Your gift is critical in helping to meet the needs of the children.

Become a Christmas sponsor today. Thank you for ALWAYS being there for the children.

With gratitude,

Michael C. Blackwell, President/CEO

P.S. Because of you, 32,576 lives were served in 2017 and 203 professions of faith were proclaimed! Your gift this year is matched dollar for dollar through the gift challenge. Give immediately at

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