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You make Christmas smiles possible

The girls were alone. Temperatures outside were freezing. Elizabeth, Mary and Carly did their best to stay warm while their parents were drinking at a nearby bar. Hope arrived that night when the sisters, ages 7, 5 and 3, were removed and brought to Baptist Children’s Homes (BCH). The girls entered their new home at 10:00 p.m. wearing tank tops, shorts and flip flops. Warm baths awaited and grilled cheese sandwiches and soup filled their tummies. Surrounded by their cottage parents and the other children, the sisters knew they were not alone any longer.

Now instead of worrying if there is food to eat, the girls are anticipating Christmas. Christmas for children like these sisters is beyond their belief. Boys and girls savor Christmas-time favorites such as turkey and ham with all the fixings. The children help hang ornaments on the trees in their cottage living rooms. They experience the joy of unwrapping colorful presents with their names on them. Your sponsorship makes Christmas smiles possible!

This Christmas, the children will hear the Christmas story, often for the first time. They will be told of the love of Jesus as seeds of faith are planted because of your generous support. Give now. Children like Elizabeth, Mary and Carly are depending on you –– thank you.

Please be a Christmas sponsor today. ​ Thank you for sharing the warmth and joy of the season with hurting children.

-Michael C. Blackwell


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