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It's hard to put on a smile when your life is falling apart

Imagine having to go to school without breakfast. In class, students notebooks out of nice backpacks while you pull a worn pencil from your pocket. Imagine sitting in class knowing the only thing waiting for you at home is angry parents. You sit in class knowing that when you return home the sounds of your angry parents will send you running to your room once again.

Now, imagine that it's Picture Day. One by one, the other students smile as the flash goes off. It’s your turn. You sit in front of the camera. “Smile!” you're told. But the smile never comes.

This is how many of the boys and girls feel before coming to Baptist Children’s Homes (BCH). Their faces only show hunger and heartbreak. There is a longing for a better life. Through your back to school gift, you help give children hope and healing.

Make your gift today and it will arrive just in time for the new school year. Your generous support helps bring hope to a child and, I guarantee, the hope you provide will put a smile on a child's face.

-Michael C. Blackwell


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