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Meet Janet...

School was the place where Janet would escape.

It was warm on cold days, cool on hot days, she had a good breakfast and lunch provided, and there was a working bathroom.

Even though she had no school supplies, Janet got up each morning, put on clothes that had not been washed, and went to school. And while her classmates counted down to the weekend, she dreaded it, wondering how she would survive those two long days.

Because of your generous gifts, children like Janet don’t have to worry about having good food and clean clothes. After coming to live at Baptist Children’s Homes, Janet went shopping with her cottage mother. Her face beamed as she picked out nice, new clothes. She found the perfect backpack and quickly filled it up with school supplies. It’s amazing how providing a child‘s most basic needs can turn her life around.

Janet’s story is also the story of many other children who come to BCH. Boys and girls who are living Janet’s story will arrive at BCH as the new school year approaches. We must prepare for them as well as for the many others in our care now.

Please make your back­-to­-school gift today to insure these life-­changing opportunities are available to the hundreds of children BCH serves each year.

Thank you for giving hope and a home to children like Janet!

- Michael C. Blackwell


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