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HOPE is stronger than fear!

I was frightened and confused the day I arrived at Baptist Children's Homes (BCH). I remember thinking, "What did I do wrong?"

Everything in my life felt broken at that moment, but not for much longer. Because at BCH, I was given life-changing hope — hope that was stronger than my fears!

Here, I found HEALING through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

I was given every OPPORTUNITY to discover my potential, my dreams -- my future!

The PROVISION of food, a warm bed, clothes and even extra-curricular activities and trips with the other kids and houseparents made me feel safe and loved.

And I have been EMPOWERED to be successful through the generosity of friends like you and the faithfulness of God.

I am living proof of the HOPE offered through Baptist Children’s Homes. It's why my husband and I are now monthly givers through HOPE Champions. We want to see generations of families transformed!

Will you help us change more lives every month by becoming a HOPE Champion? Your gift will even be DOUBLED if you become a HOPE Champion by April 30! Please be a difference maker in the life of a child. Thank you.


Former Resident & HOPE Champion

Baptist Children's Homes of North Carolina

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