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The Food Roundup Matters to Maggie

Maggie lived in Western North Carolina with her mother and step-father until one day they abandoned her. The three-year old girl was heartbroken. She went to stay with her step-grandparents who were not able to work. They could barely take care of themselves much less a young child. When Maggie looks back on the years she lived with her step-grandparents, she can describe that difficult period of her life with one word: ”Hungry.”

“I was always hungry,” Maggie remembers. “There was never anything to eat.”

She recalls walking with her step-grandfather to a nearby landfill. He would rummage through the piles of trash trying to find anything he could sell in order to make a little money. Meanwhile, Maggie would be looking through the nearby dumpster trying to find something to eat.

Thankfully, Maggie came to Baptist Children’s Homes (BCH) where she didn’t have to worry about being hungry. So many boys and girls, like Maggie, could never count on eating regularly before coming to live at BCH.

It’s the reason why the annual Food Roundup means so much to the hundreds of children and families you help us serve every year.

What can you do to help?

When you are feeding BCH cottages across North Carolina that can have as many as 12 to 16 residents, it takes a lot of food to fill hungry bellies.

We need you to help collect $400,000 in nonperishable food, supplies and gift cards. This equals approximately 700,000 meals and snacks -- enough to feed them for a year! (Gift cards help us purchase perishable food all year long.)

Trevor and Tabitha's Story

Downloadable materials and resources, including a flyer, leader's guide, needs list, Collection points (coming soon), promos and video are all available at

If you need help with materials, or need to order a copy of the Food Roundup video on DVD, please contact Food Roundup Coordinator Alan Williams at 1.800.476.3669 ext. 1277 or

Thank you for being a blessing to children!

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