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Baptist Children's Homes offers variety of volunteer opportunities

Volunteers are essential to the ministry of Baptist Children’s Homes (BCH)—and the opportunities to serve seem almost endless. As the new director of volunteer engagement, I believe each person is equipped with unique gifts and talents and, with the wide variety of BCH ministries and locations, there is a spot for you!

Let me help connect you or your group to that perfect place to join in ministry. But remember, volunteering is not limited to only these ideas. How would you like to serve? The possibilities are limited only by your creativity and willingness. Here are ten examples of opportunities where you could choose to

serve. Find your spot! Let’s go on mission together!

1. Participate in a one-day mission blitz this spring at one of four

campuses during Friends of Children. Projects will include landscaping, cleaning, power washing, minor repairs, organizing donations, etc.

2. Spend quality time working a puzzle or doing an art project with the residents in one of our nine homes for adults with intellectual/ developmental disabilities. Investing time with these special adults brings them so much joy.

3. Help cut and maintain trails at our two wildness camps—Camp Duncan and Cameron Boys Camp. These trails are essential as campers navigate them daily on their journey to life transformation.

4. Power wash buildings, playground equipment, and side walks on any of the four main campuses or satellite offices across the state, and help to ensure the beauty and safety of the places many children and moms call home.

5. Sort, clean, and organize donations at Greater Vision located at Mills Home and Kennedy Home for use by the vulnerable, working

families served through this ministry.

6. Clean, paint, and repurpose furniture and household décor with Fancy Finds. The proceeds earned by the resale store help to support the many ministries of BCH.

7. Partner with NCBAM to help build ramps, install grab bars, or change/install smoke detectors in the homes of senior adults located in your community.

8. Provide a themed celebration or special activity for the children living in one of the cottages across the state and give them the opportunity to make special childhood memories.

9. Make frozen meals for the foster families in your community who

are boldly opening their homes and hearts to children in need.

10. Offer a Bible study or a life skills lesson to the single moms living in our family care cottages or the birth moms who have

chosen adoption and living at Emmanuel Home as they heal and become equipped to live independently.


Visit to learn more and/or submit a volunteer interest form. To ensure that you have an excellent volunteering experience and to protect the safety of our residents, always preregister for volunteer opportunities. Check back often and be on the lookout for exciting updates that will include the option to create your own volunteer account and an interactive map with volunteer opportunities across the state to help you find your spot. Questions? Email me at

Written by Kristyn Butts, BCH Director of Volunteer Engagment

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