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Foster Care & Adoption

Foster Care & Adoption

We provide temporary (or permanent) homes for children in need through the following programs: Family Foster Care, Foster-to-Adopt, and Cottage Home Care.

We believe every child deserves to be cared for by a loving family in a safe, stable home. Through our EVERY CHILD Foster & Adoption Ministry, Baptist Children’s Homes of North Carolina is able to train and equip families to become licensed foster care families and adoptive families. We also partner with churches to train and license families within the congregation or to begin their own foster and adoption ministries.

We work with families to become registered foster care families. These families are committing to caring for and loving a child for a brief or extended period of time with the ultimate goal of the child returning to their biological families.  

Our Foster-to-Adopt program is designed to find permanent homes for children currently in the foster care system when re-unification is not possible. The ultimate goal of this program is to provide an option for permanency for these children through the adoption process.

In addition to our Foster-to-Adopt program, we also have Domestic Infant Adoption and International Adoption programs through Christian Adoption Services, a ministry of Baptist Children’s Homes. The domestic program provides options for women in unexpected pregnancies while the international program focuses on finding homes for children and sibling groups abroad.



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