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Have you ever wanted to be a hero?

The boys and girls at Baptist Children's Homes (BCH) have experienced so much heartache in their young lives. They need someone, like you, they can count on. You can be a child's hero by becoming a HOPE Champion.

HOPE Champions have the power to meet the needs of the most vulnerable children in North Carolina. They are partners in our mission to protect boys and girls in crisis and to share Christ's love with them. They are passionate about giving children HOPE - Healing, Opportunity, Provision and Empowerment.

HOPE Champions is a new monthly giving program that makes it possible for us to meet the needs of more children. Your monthly recurring gift can transform a life!

Becoming a HOPE Champion is easy. There are six monthly giving levels you can choose from, each supplying essential needs for our boys and girls. You can become a HOPE Champion for as little as $15 a month and provide a Bible every month to a child in BCH's care!

Listen to Paulina and hear why she is a HOPE Champion.

Thank you for partnering with Baptist Children's Homes. You are helping change children's lives! Because of your compassion for children, we want to encourage you to continue making a difference. Join HOPE Champions today and be the hero a child desperately needs.

Thank you for being a difference maker!

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