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Stevie and Sam's lives changed for eternity!

You change the lives of children in so many ways!

Food, clothes, a safe place to live: these are a few of the things your generosity provides boys and girls at Baptist Children’s Homes (BCH). These important comforts are the things we often think of when we make a gift. By helping, we hope to provide boys and girls with the provisions they have gone without before coming to BCH.

Your investment in the lives of BCH’s boys and girls does just that, but it also does far more. Your gifts change children’s lives for eternity! Let us explain by sharing a story.

Sam is 15 years old and his little brother, Stevie, is eight. The two boys came to us about a year ago. The home they came from was filthy. They could not count on their family to provide them with the simplest necessities. The destitution had robbed these sweet boys of joy and any hope for a good life. But everything changed the day Sam and Stevie came to Baptist Children’s Homes. Here, houseparents Will and Betty embraced them, fed them, gave them the new clothes they desperately needed. Together with the other boys in the cottage, they became a family. Your gifts made it all possible!

In addition to the safe home, regular meals and daily necessities, your generosity gave the two brothers something even greater -- you introduced them to the love of Jesus.

Will and Betty regularly share devotions in the cottage where many of the boys hear the Gospel for the first time (80% of BCH’s residents come to us unchurched). They take their boys to church regularly. One day at church, young Stevie asked Jesus to be his Savior. Will and Betty were overjoyed with the eight-year-old’s decision.

Only two short weeks later, Sam also asked Christ into his heart. As everyone sang, Betty and Stevie saw Sam take a brave step toward the front of the church. Sam was eager to tell the pastor about his life-changing decision.

“I will never forget Stevie’s big eyes, full of tears, looking up at me, “Betty recalls. “Stevie asked me, ‘Ms. Betty, may I go stand beside my brother?’”

Will and Betty will never forget the sight of Stevie standing beside Sam at the front of the church, his arm around his little brother -- two lives now changed for eternity!

You can FOREVER change children’s lives by making a special Easter gift! As we celebrate Christ’s triumphant resurrection, you can bring new hope and new life -- for today, tomorrow and forever -- to children at Baptist Children’s Homes. Like Sam and Stevie, you provide care for boys and girls who have been stricken by poverty, hurt by those they have depended upon, and need to know that God loves them unconditionally. Please give online today at And please be in prayer for the children and families you help serve through Baptist Children’s Homes’ 22 locations across North Carolina and Guatemala.

You can help restore their lives today and give them hope that lasts an eternity. Thank you for changing children’s lives!

Did you know last year you helped us minister to 21,015 children and adults? Thank you! It is not possible for us to serve this many children and families without you. Please know that your Easter gift will be used to provide the same compassionate care and hope to all who turn to us in 2017. Please make your gift today!

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