Stevie and Sam's lives changed for eternity!

You change the lives of children in so many ways!

Food, clothes, a safe place to live: these are a few of the things your generosity provides boys and girls at Baptist Children’s Homes (BCH). These important comforts are the things we often think of when we make a gift. By helping, we hope to provide boys and girls with the provisions they have gone without before coming to BCH.

Your investment in the lives of BCH’s boys and girls does just that, but it also does far more. Your gifts change children’s lives for eternity! Let us explain by sharing a story.

Sam is 15 years old and his little brother, Stevie, is eight. The two boys came to us about a year ago. The home they came from was filthy. They could not count on their family to provide them with the simplest necessities. The destitution had robbe