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Family First Update - Please call Washington and pray

Baptist Children's Homes Family First Update - Please help!


Thank you for speaking out on behalf of North Carolina children and families! The offices of Virginia Foxx, Vice Chair for the House Rules Committee, have heard you clearly. We appreciate every phone call that has been made!

We need your help before 5 p.m. today:

1) Please Call Congresswoman Foxx's Washington Office

If you have not called Congresswoman Foxx's office in Washington, please do so immediately. They are keeping a count of your calls so it is very important you reach out. If the voicemail box is full, please call later.

Call the Washington office at 202-225-2071.

Here's what to say

Tell her office that it is imperative that the Family Prevention Services Act HR 5456 (or Family First Act) legislation attached to the 21st Century Cures Act be amended before they move the bill forward. Please implore them to drop the restrictions for placing children in residential care (also known as congregate care). Let them know we must not introduce legislation that prevents a child from receiving the type of care that best suits his or her needs. Encourage them to make sure our children are provided with a full range of caring services and every opportunity to achieve success.

2) Please Pray

Congresswoman Foxx and members of the House Rules Committee will be discussing this legislation at 5:00 p.m. today in Washington. Please pray for their meeting. Please pray that God will guide their decisions. And please pray for the children and families across North Carolina and our great nation.

Once again, thank you for letting your voice be heard on behalf of all children and families who need to experience hope and healing.

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