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Transition and Search Committee shares update

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

From David Powell, Chair of the Baptist Children's Homes Transition and Search Committee:

Hello Baptist Children’s Homes friends,

As most of you are aware, the Board of Trustees is leading the effort to identify the next President/CEO of the Baptist Children’s Homes of North Carolina (BCH). Through God’s providence, we have weathered a tremendously difficult season and are entering the new one in front of us with a hope and expectation that is just as tremendous.

Today’s update is the first of several that will be shared with you in the weeks and months ahead so that you are informed of the plans being put into place and are kept updated regarding the search process.

In October, the Board of Trustees confirmed the selection of the Transition and Search Committee that is tasked with overseeing the search process for BCH’s next executive leader.

The members of the Transition and Search Committee are as follows:

  • David Powell, Sylva (Chair)

  • Matt Glover, Seaboard (Vice-Chair)

  • Justin Lee, Clinton (Secretary)

  • Vickie Burge, Fayetteville

  • Ken Haigler, Wilmington

  • Chris Watkins, Durham

  • Seth Brown (State Convention designee)

The Transition and Search Committee is currently in the process of assessing the leadership needs of the organization. Once this time of assessment is completed, the search for a new president will begin. There will be additional information in the days ahead.

As the committee undertakes this important responsibility, we do so in humility seeking the leader that God has prepared for this new season. Friends, this is a process that must be saturated in prayer, and there are no better prayer warriors than you – the ones who are passionate about the Baptist Children’s Homes ministry and everyone who is served through it.

Please pray. Pray for the members of our Transition and Search Committee. Pray for God to grant us His discernment and wisdom. Pray for God to prepare the heart of the person who He has already chosen to be the next leader. Most of all, throughout every step of the process, pray for God to be glorified and His will to be accomplished. And pray for the leaders, staff, cottage parents, foster parents and caregivers as they continue to meet the daily needs of all those who turn to us seeking help and hope.

I thank you for your invaluable prayer, volunteer and financial support. The Baptist Children’s Homes ministry would not be possible without you.


David Powell

Chair, Transition and Search Committee

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