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Make this school year a success for BCH boys and girls

Make back to school memorable

The children you nurture through your prayers and support are just like other children. Their houseparents wake them in the morning. They eat breakfast and quickly do chores. With backpacks slung over their shoulders, and some with band instruments or athletic bags in hand, they scurry outside to wait for the school bus to arrive. On the bus, they sit alongside other children from the community who, just like them, are ready to begin another normal day.

Making life “normal” is important to BCH’s children. Before now, their lives have been anything but normal. Their lives, their families – their entire world – have been bogged down in dysfunction, abuse and neglect. For many, they’ve had to parent their siblings because their mother and father were not dependable. A boy would help his little brother out of bed in the mornings. A big sister had to fix breakfast for her younger siblings while trying to get herself ready for the day. As a Back to School Sponsor, you not only ensure our boys and girls are ready for the upcoming school year, you make it possible for children to simply be children – to be normal.

As a “Back to School” sponsor, you help purchase new clothing, school supplies and provide for other essential needs. Some children come to BCH only days before the school year begins. They may arrive with only the old clothes they are wearing or what few belongings they own stuffed in a plastic garbage bag. Can you imagine how these children must feel? Your gift sends a message of hope!

How can you make back to school special for a child?

You can choose one of the sponsorship packages below:

  • BACK-TO-SCHOOL #1 - $75 - Help provide school supplies, lab fees or athletic equipment.

  • BACK-TO-SCHOOL #2 - $150 - Help provide new clothes and shoes for one child.

  • BACK-TO-SCHOOL #3- $300 - Help provide a complete package including new clothes, coat, school supplies, lab fees and funds for special activities.

You can make the school year a success for BCH's children!

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