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Experience Summer through the eyes of a child

Give wonderful summer memories to children, become a summer sponsor

Do you remember the first time you felt sand between your toes?

Do you remember the excitement of dodging the waves as they raced you to shore? Do you remember laughing and building sandcastles with friends and family? These memories are treasures.

As a summer sponsor, you can help give the same wonderful memories to the boys and girls we serve together. Your sponsorship and your passion for being a difference-maker are changing lives. Even beyond the physical needs you are meeting, you help boys and girls put the painful memories of the past behind them.

We need your help. From 2013 to 2015, the number of children living at BCH has increased by 24%. We need more summer sponsors. We need more to help care for the many more who come every day. We need you to help us serve the growing number of children who are counting on us.

Sand between the toes; the taste of cold ice cream on a hot summer afternoon; watching the local minor league baseball team take a double header; feeling the peace of Jesus during VBS and special summertime church activities — all are treasured memories. For some of the children, they are their first good summer memories.

Please become a summer sponsor today. Choose one of the sponsorship levels below or give any amount of your choosing. Thank you for being a blessing to the children and for making treasured memories possible.

Summer Sponsorships

  • Sunshine sponsor for $5,000 - Help with higher electrical and air conditioning costs

  • Sizzle sponsor for $2,500 - Help with high costs of gas to help transport children

  • Splash sponsor for $1,250 - Help with water usage & to keep our 3 campus pools filled

  • Super sponsor for $500 - Provide for a cottage to go to museums, baseball games, pizza parties, church activities, etc.

  • Sensation sponsor for $250 - Sponsor multiple children for church & education camps

  • Smiles sponsor for $50 - Provide watermelon, ice cream, & treats for a cottage

You can make a difference today!

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