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More mouths to feed, number of children served up 24%

When it comes to feeding the boys and girls being cared for by Baptist Children’s Homes (BCH), it boils down to simple math: the more children served means more food is needed.

With the number of children living in BCH’s homes rising 24% between 2013 and 2015, the annual Food Roundup is more important than ever.

“The increase in BCH’s population speaks directly to the tremendous needs of children and families in our state,” BCH president Michael C. Blackwell says.

That number will rise again in 2016. There are already plans in place to open an additional children’s residential cottage by mid year. This is in addition to the Smith Home, a new Family Care home in Marston, that opened last year.

As many as 700,000 meals and snacks are prepared throughout the year at BCH facilities.

“There are more mouths to feed, and we want to ensure that together, through the help of the community, that we are able to provide for every child that turns to us for help,” Blackwell states.

In April, the food drive gives churches, businesses and community friends a hands-on way to help the children by challenging them to collect a minimum of $350,000 worth of non-perishable food items, supplies and gift cards.

“It’s vital that people participate in the Food Roundup for multiple reasons,” Blackwell explains. “Giving to the food drive allows us to use funds designated for food purchases in other ways. And the children’s smiles – their faces say it all. When people give to the Food Roundup it says so much to the children. So many of our boys and girls come from dysfunctional and traumatic circumstances where the adults in their lives have let them down. Through the food drive, they see people they can count on.”

Begin collecting and boxing your Roundup food now. Next, deliver the items to collection points throughout the state in April. Collection points will be printed in next month’s Charity & Children or visit to download resources, including needs list, collection guide, collection points list, ads, flyers, and Trevor and Tabitha's 3-minute video.

For more information about how you, your church or organization can be a part of Food Roundup, contact Alan Williams at 1-800-476-3669 ext. 1277 or email him at

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