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Parade of Tables benefits Odum Home

A Parade of Tables, sponsored by the Gleaner's Sunday school class from Cedar Falls Baptist Church in Fayetteville, was held on Saturday, September 12 helping to benefit Odum Hom in Pembroke.

They keynote speaker was Martha Pearce, a long time friend of Baptist Children's Homes (BCH). She shared what life can be like after 50 and how we must "get moving for God" because there's so much we can do! Kathy Locklear, the Director of Odum Home in Pembroke, followed Martha sharing more information regarding BCH and the great need for continued prayers and support for all our ministries across the state.

Odum Home was presented a special gift of $3,395.00 in gift cards. A big thank you to Carolyn Weaver and the Gleaner's Sunday school class for their dedication and passion! To learn more about Odum Home, visit

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