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Baptist Children's Homes Food Roundup Meaningful to Siblings

The Food Roundup impacts the lives of Baptist Children’s Homes’ residents every year. The annual food drive is particularly meaningful to Trevor and Tabitha who live at Broyhill Home in Clyde.

Before coming to BCH, the siblings were never sure when, or if, they would be able to eat. Often they went hungry.

“We didn’t really get to eat three meals a day or eat every day for that matter,” Tabitha recalls. “We ate whatever we could.”

The brother and sister depended on soup kitchens, school lunches or food donations to get by and not starve.

“One time, we went a week or so sharing a jar of peanut butter and that was it,” Tabitha says. “That was normal to us to go without for a certain amount of time.”

Circumstances changed greatly when they came to BCH. According to Tabitha, food was no longer a concern. “We actually got to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner every day and sit with each other at the dining room table and it was great.”

North Carolina Baptists and other organizations make it possible for children and residents at BCH’s statewide locations to enjoy freshly prepared nutritious meals every day through the Food Roundup. This year, BCH is asking participants to collect $350,000 in non-perishable food items, supplies, and gift cards throughout the month of April. As many as 700,000 meals and snacks are prepared throughout the year at BCH locations.

Once the food is collected, participants box and deliver the items to collection points throughout the state. The food is then delivered to BCH locations beginning on April 27.

“I like to help the people who come to unload food,” Trevor says. “They get to meet us and see the smiles on our faces – and we get to thank them. It just means a lot.”

Download 2015 Collection Points

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