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Annual Offering


OFFERING GOAL: $1,500,000


SCRIPTURE: "Let the REDEEMED of the Lord say so..." - Psalm 107:2

“I didn’t know a lot about hope when I was 10 years old. I didn’t have any hope. I didn’t know what hope was.” - Joe Knight

“I was angry and hurting. I needed someone to love me.” - Paulina Burch.

“There was a day where it didn’t matter to me anymore whether I lived or died. I was done.” - Travis Martin

“We didn’t know if we would be able to eat. We had to sleep outside. We were beaten for anything we did wrong.” - Roberta Brunck

These were the stories of Joe, Paulina, Travis and Roberta. But their storylines have changed because of the Baptist Children’s Homes (BCH) ministry and the faithful support of Baptists. Today, each has an amazing story of redemption to share. The bleak destination of their lives has been altered. Futures that were once dragged into the darkness are now saturated with the light of hope and the love of Christ.

When your church participates in the Annual Offering, hope is shared and miracles happen. You help provide North Carolina children a home that is as caring as any family's Children are given regular meals, clean clothes, and loving houseparents to care for their needs. Most importantly, you are helping us share with them the hope of Jesus Christ.

The theme for the 2014 Annual Offering is Redeemed. The annual offering is vital to changing lives! Without Baptists' support of the offering we would be unable to provide ministry and care to children.

While our official Week of Prayer is in November your church can participate in the offering any time.


Share the Baptist Children's Homes story with your church. Promotional materials and videos are available in the "Downloads" section below you. You can also order physical copies of most materials by calling 1-800476-3669, ext. 1209. Downloads include:

  • Newsletter/bulletin promos
  • Bulletins (including Spanish version)
  • Photos
  • Multimedia slides
  • Poster
  • Offering guide


Invite a Baptist Children's Homes speaker to share the ministry with your congregation.** Call 1-800-476-3669, ext. 1209 or e-mail your request You can also click on

NEW 2014 VIDEO - Redemption Stories

Joe, Paulina, Travis and Roberta have amazing stories of redemption to share because of the Baptist Children’s Homes ministry and the faithful support of Baptists. Listen to their stories and hear how the lives of children are forever changed at BCH. Share the video with your church or group. Streaming versions and digital downloads of the video are available below. You can also order a DVD by calling 1-800-476-3669 ext. 1209.

2014 Video - Redemption Stories (Full Version - 10:45)

2014 Offering - Redemption Stories from Baptist Children's Homes of NC on Vimeo.

2014 Video - Redemption Stories (Short - 4:10)

2014 Offering - Redemption Stories (SHORT VERSION) from Baptist Children's Homes of NC on Vimeo.

2014 Offering - Travis Discusses Singing "Redeemed"

2014 Offering - Travis Talks About "Redeemed" from Baptist Children's Homes of NC on Vimeo.


Baptist Children's Homes has an active Facebook page that is updated with photos and information almost daily. Share posts from our Facebook page at on your churches Facebook or social media page.

Call 1-800-476-3669, ext. 1209 or E-mail: for more information about Annual Offering.


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Multimedia Slides

2014 Redeemed Offering Widescreen2014 Redeemed Offering Standard2014 Redeemed Child Widescreen
2014 Redeemed Child Standard2014 Giving Widescreen2014 Giving Standard

2014 Redeemed Ads

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2x3 Color Ad2x3 Black and White Ad
3.5 x 5.25 Color3.5 x 5.25 Black and White
Travis 5x6 Color AdTravis 5x6 Black and White AdRoberta 5x6 Color Ad
Roberta 5x6 Black and White AdJoe 5x6 Color AdJoe 5x6 BW Ad
Paulina 5x6 Color AdPaulina 5x6 Black and White Ad


Sunday. Pray for North Carolina children and families.

Monday. Pray for the hundreds of children and families BCH serves each year through its 19 statewide locations.

Tuesday. Pray for the dedicated houseparents, residential care givers, chiefs and social workers who give of themselves around the clock to care for our boys and girls.

Wednesday. Pray for the Good Shepherd Children's Home, BCH's new orphanage in Xela, Guatemala.

Thursday. Pray for those who live at BCH's nine statewide homes for developmentally disabled adults.

Friday. Pray that you will be sensitive to hurting children in your community.

Saturday. Pray for BCH president/CEO Michael C. Blackwell as he leads the ministry.

Sunday. Pray that BCH's residents will come to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior.