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You help bring the light of Jesus into the dark places

Updated: Jun 26

Scripture tells us to stand fast in the liberty wherewith Christ has made us free. At Baptist Children's Homes (BCH), we are privileged to witness others obtain their freedom, not just on the Fourth of July, but all year. We watch children who come to us afraid and filled with uncertainty gain a vision of freedom from the cycle of violence and anger they have suffered. We watch children become free from fear as they lay down painful experiences and gain self-confidence. Children and families who were once fearful, hopeless, and without vision take courageous risks and fight the battles against the circumstances which threaten them. Healing from the wounds of life’s battles happens here in this special place.

The most important independence we witness is the freedom that is described in Paul’s writings to the Galatians. Paul writes: “Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ has made us free.” (Gal. 5:1). We are blessed with the opportunity to introduce children and families to true freedom. It is an opportunity for them to experience a spiritual “Independence Day” of their own. Christian cottage parents and staff members teach them that in being dependent on Christ, they are able to experience the liberty that Paul describes—freedom from fear, hopelessness, and uncertainty. It is the freedom that comes with a vision of a future filled with promise.

Out of the darkness comes the call for help every day. In that moment of darkness, light fills the room as each one of our called, caring staff members share the love God has placed in their hearts to be light in the darkness.

Darkness invaded the life of a single mom with a newborn baby—overwhelmed with no support. And then there was light through our Family Care Ministry. A precious senior adult was alone and needing a friend and a wheelchair ramp. Then there was light through NCBAM (North Carolina Baptist Aging Ministry). A family felt desperate to find help for their teenage son. And then there was light through our program at Cameron Boys Camp.

Darkness invaded the life of a precious 11-month-old girl. Her hair was so dirty her foster parents thought she had brown hair, only to discover she had blond hair under all that dirt. The neglect they saw in this child’s eyes was heart wrenching. And then there was light. They welcomed her into their family and adopted her. Last year, 89 children were adopted through BCH into forever families.

Darkness invaded the lives of these two children. They were frazzled and dirty. The soles of the shoes she was wearing had stuck to her feet. Her brother wore a pair of pajamas two sizes too small and ragged tennis shoes. And then there was light. They were greeted with open arms and bathed, fed, and clothed. Your support brought light into their dark world.

Darkness invaded the lives of four siblings. “We have four siblings. Can you help?” We immediately received these children into a cottage. They had no clothes and were hungry. They lived with a parent who was very unstable. Once settled into our care, they began to ask questions about what was going to happen to them next. Would their mother be coming to pick them up soon? The questions were heartbreaking. The cottage parents answered each one with loving care. Two weeks passed and the children were returned to the parent. One week later, darkness invaded their lives once again. The parent was arrested for cooking meth in their home. DSS contacted us and asked if they could bring them back. When the children arrived on campus, they began to cheer. They were so happy to be in a safe place. They were received with loving hugs and caring hearts. YOU brought light into their dark world.

For many, the night is dark and the sights and sounds are scary. They know all is not well with the night. But never forget, light pierces darkness.

Each and every day, I am reminded you are in this battle with us, fighting for these precious children. I am reminded of how each of you help us bring light into the dark places, the light that pierces the darkness, the light of Jesus. As you celebrate with fireworks that pierce the darkness of the sky, remember all the days of freedom you made possible for thousands of children and families through your prayers and support. Last year, 316 experienced true freedom. Freedom in Christ!

For more information on how you can help, call me at 336-689-4442 or email

Written by Brenda B. Gray, Executive Vice President, Development & Communications

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