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You brought light into their dark world

Out of the night’s darkness came a call for help. Two children ages four and six were found living inside a car in a junkyard. They had gone unnoticed for a couple of months.

The father had been getting food from the local dumpster. He had lost his job due to drug abuse and they had lost their house. With no where to go, he set up shelter for his family in the car. Someone noticed the children and the Department of Social Services (DSS) was called.

The children were placed in our care within hours of being found. They were frazzled and dirty. The soles of the shoes the little girl wore stuck to her feet. The boy wore old pajamas two sizes too small and his shoes were ragged and torn. They were greeted in the cottage with open arms. They were bathed, fed and clothed.

When their father came to visit for the first time, the boy looked at his dad and said, “I found a home, Daddy. I hope you find one, too.”

The words shocked the father and in a short time he began the task of reuniting his family. Two years passed before he was self-sufficient and had good, safe housing. The children happily returned to be with their father.

You brought light into their dark world

You have helped this precious boy and girl find comfort in the arms of loving houseparents at Baptist Children's Homes! Will you consider helping other children find the comfort of loving arms?

Give immediately at

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