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Will you give children a Merry Christmas?

Christmas memories are often filled with heartaches and hurts for boys and girls before coming to Baptist Children's Homes (BCH). This season, you can give a child the best Christmas gift: a safe, caring home! When you give to BCH, you make stories like this possible --

Six-year-old Noah and his 18-month-old sister Jessica* lived in an unsafe home.

The children arrived at BCH only days before Christmas wearing dirty clothes and their tummies ached with hunger. Their thin frames and sunken eyes were signs of


The cottage parents drew warm baths and soaked the children until their fingers wrinkled like raisins. They were delighted when clothed in warm, fuzzy pajamas.

Noah was nervous at bedtime. “I’ve never had my own bed before,” he said. “Are there rats in the cottage?”

“No,” his cottage mom assured.

“Good,” Noah replied, “because at our old home they kept getting in my hair when I went to sleep.”

Can you imagine the peace and comfort Noah and Jessica felt in their new BCH home? Can you see their smiles on Christmas morning as they, along with the other children in the cottage, opened colorfully-wrapped presents waiting for them underneath the tree?

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