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Bring children Hope & Future


Jacob and Jonah, ages 13 and 9, lived in a worn-out tent with their mother in the woods. Mom had no job. What little money she had was spent on her addictions. Instead of providing a safe home to her sons, Jacob and Jonah bathed in a nearby creek and cooked over a campfire when there was food to eat. There was little hope for the young brothers. Their future was dim.

BUT YOUR OFFERING BROUGHT THEM HOPE! On a cold evening, the brothers stepped into the doors of a Baptist Children’s Homes (BCH) cottage after being removed from their desperate circumstances. The muddy clothes they wore were exchanged for warm, clean clothing. The cottage parents fixed food to fill their hungry bellies. The boys’ eyes grew wide as they saw their room and the comfortable beds where they would sleep from then on.

And when children like Jacob and Jonah ask why complete strangers do such nice things for them, the cottage parents are able to say, “Because we love you, our churches love you, but most of all -- God loves you.”

669 DECISIONS IN FIVE YEARS -- BECAUSE OF YOU! Your Offering provides the opportunity to introduce children to a loving Savior! In the past five years, there have been 669 professions of faith because of your church. You are impacting lostness by introducing a new generation to a life-changing Gospel. You are giving them a HOPE & FUTURE.

MAKE PLANS TODAY. SCHEDULE YOUR OFFERING. In 2018, 16,796 North Carolina children were removed from their families -- the need is overwhelming. Please partner with us to give hurting children, many who come from your community, a HOPE & FUTURE by prayerfully preparing for your Offering.

We could not minister to children without you! Thank you for changing lives in Jesus’ name!

Dr. Michael C. Blackwell / Baptist Children’s Homes President, CEO

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