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Trustees remember Abe Elmore, honor Jackie Elmore

Baptist Children’s Homes (BCH) Trustee David Smith began the September Board Meeting in prayer. Like other meetings, the agenda and the previous minutes were adopted. Everything seemed normal, but something was missing –– someone was missing. Wake Forest University’s “old gold and black” colors adorned an empty chair near the front of the meeting room. That chair marked the absence of longtime Trustee, William P. “Abe” Elmore.

Elmore was serving as the Board’s chair when he passed away May 19. Only days before, he had presided over the group’s executive board meeting. Elmore began his first term as a Trustee in 1976 and served a record nine, four-year terms. He was the only Trustee on the Board who was serving when BCH president/CEO Michael C. Blackwell took the helm in 1983.

Elmore’s family were the honored guests. They accepted a memoriam plaque from Dr. Blackwell. Blackwell read from the plaque, “Abe Elmore was an inspiration and guide through life, a tower of strength and a constant beacon of vision. Well done, good and faithful servant.”

During a special Elmore video that Dr. Blackwell narrated, he honored Elmore’s wife saying,“But of all the partnerships Abe Elmore had, none was more vibrant, more loving, more endearing than the one he had with Jackie Elmore.”

Since the day Abe and Jackie Elmore first became involved with BCH in 1973, it was a partnership of support. The couple’s first BCH project was to raise the monies for major renovations of Odum Home in Pembroke.

Dr. Blackwell referred to the couple as a “twofer.” “Baptist Children’s Homes got Jackie as well as Abe. She was present at all Board Meetings and we welcomed her as warmly as we did Abe himself.”

Trustees bestowed Jackie Elmore with an unprecedented honor.

BCH chair Jerry Jordan said: “Jackie has always been by Abe’s side. Their love and support for Baptist Children’s Homes has been unwavering. And so, it is with great honor that the Trustees affirm and proclaim on this day, September 17, 2019, Jackie Campbell Elmore an Honorary Trustee.”

In other business, Trustees approved the 2019-20120 budget. Keith Henry, BCH’s chief operating officer, reported on programs. There were also reports from the Properties, Nominating, and Development and Communications committees.

Trustees viewed the Annual Offering video and a NCBAM video highlighting the ministry’s 10th Anniversary. A special marketing video for BCH’s Family Foster Care program was debuted featuring the testimony of the Cook family. The next full Board meeting is slated for 10:00 a.m. on January 21 in Thomasville.

Article Written by Jim Edminson, Editor

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