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This place [this sacred, holy ground] was founded on faith, built on love

A message for you from Dr. Michael C. Blackwell

The Thomasville Orphanage was born in a time of adversity. The Civil War had ended only 20 years earlier. It was 1885 and this Orphanage, this citadel of hope, greeted the first child on a blustery November afternoon.

In the intervening years, the Orphanage has weathered the winds of adversity and came out on the other side stronger, resilient, determined. We’ve been isolated before. The flu pandemic of 1918––isolation and death among children. The polio quarantine of the early 1950’s––isolation and death among children.

Each time, the Orphanage did rise. Each time the Orphanage did survive. Each time the Orphanage did thrive.

The strength of the Orphanage came from God’s guidance and the sacrifice of women and men who gave of themselves to the “least of these”––the most vulnerable.

Children grew up to be adults. They survived two world wars, The Great Depression, Vietnam, 9/11 and now Coronavirus.

This place––this sacred, holy ground––was founded on faith, built on love. It is what sustained us when we were The Orphanage–– the Orphanage at Mills Home in Thomasville, the Orphanage at Kennedy Home in Kinston.

It’s what sustains us now as the Baptist Children’s Homes of North Carolina, many ministries to the Glory of God, beating with one heart.

The dream of our founder, John Mills, lives on! The legacy of the first child in care, Mary Presson, lives on! Winds of adversity still blow strong, but we will not be defeated, and neither will you.

We are BCH strong. We will rise. We are on Holy Ground. Sacred space. We will not be moved. Strong now, strong then, strong forever.

Dr. Michael C. Blackwell


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