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The Holy Spirit is working at Baptist Children's Homes

“Oh to tell you my story is to tell of Him” from

the "Worthwhile Investments" September 2020 Column.

I am a groupwork supervisor at Cameron Boys Camp. On an afternoon trail walk, one

of the Ranger boys asked if he could talk to me while we walked. He said that I might be disappointed with what he had to say to me. I assured him that nothing he told me would make me think any less of him.

He asked me if I remembered a time earlier in his time at camp when he seemed particularly interested in reading the Bible. I said that I did. He then confessed to me that at the time he had been an atheist, and had been trying to cover it up. I knew that he had recently purchased a study Bible from our trading post, so I asked him where he stood on the subject now. He said, emphatically, "I’m a Theist!"

I laughed and said, “Well, you’re in the right ballpark, but we need to get you to meet Jesus.”

He replied, "Oh, I’m a Christian." He paused for a moment, then asked me, "Chief, if someone becomes a Christian, but they used to be an atheist, can they still go to heaven?"

At this question, I’ll admit, I got a little emotional. I responded, "Absolutely!”

I then did my best to explain the sufficiency of Christ’s sacrifice and the grace of God. Some of the other boys chimed in, and agreed. I finished by saying, “So, if you have confessed your sins and trusted that Jesus’ sacrifice is enough to pay for them, then welcome to the family.”

There are many reasons that make BCH a good place to work, but this is why I love my job. The Holy Spirit is working here, and by God’s grace, He lets me be a part of it.

Will you consider helping other children find the comfort and love of Jesus Christ?Give immediately at

Worthwhile Investments is written by Brenda Gray, Executive Vice President of Development and Communications

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