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Spanning across the state, friend-raiser team brings message of encouragement during pandemic

"As soon as the coronavirus began impacting North Carolina in March,our development directors began making phone calls,” Brenda Gray says. “It was important for us to be in touch with our donors and pastors to make sure they were okay. They are great friends and very much a part of the BCH family."

Gray, who serves as Executive Vice President, Development and Communications, suspended the daily, face-to-face visits the directors regularly make with donors, pastors and church leaders across the state.

“The concern was for those we visit as well as reducing exposure for our staff members,” she asserts. “We pivoted quickly, and instead of the visits, we began calling, emailing and sending cards and letters.”

The response was great.

“Our amazing development directors approach this as ministry,” Gray reminds. “There have been many times that a call one of them made came at just the right moment. Each one has been able to encourage and pray with donors or pastors.”

BCH’s friends make a difference. As the development directors contacted people, the ones they called quickly shared their concern, wanting to know what impact COVID-19 was having on children, residents and staff.

“We have the best supporters,” Gray says. “At a time when we were s