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Servicemen demonstrate the power of showing up

Updated: 6 days ago

A group of Marines and Sailors traded their weapons and training for a day working in a warehouse, clearing brush, and sharing a smile with vulnerable families. The 29 servicemen of 1st Battalion, 6th Marines converged on Kennedy Home campus led by their Chaplain, Lieutenant (LT) Spurlock, and his Religious Program Specialist Petty Officer Second Class (RP2) Prilliman.

The workforce divided and conquered. A team worked in Greater Vision sorting and hanging clothing donations, organizing and labeling the marketplace, and assembling new shelving. While at Greater Vision, clients and employees continued their daily routine of serving and being served with the added blessing of seeing others show up and care. These young servicemen gave a smile and a helping hand to those facing unbelievable trials.

Another group helped clear brush along the wood line and power lines. Keeping the power lines free and accessible is imperative at Kennedy Home. The work was labor intensive; however, in true military fashion, these young men raised the United States Marine Corps flag and attacked the overgrown brush with precision and determination. The work completed in a five-hour time span was impressive. It was truly a job well done.

The day was made extra sweet by the ladies of Kellum Baptist Church who provided lunch. There’s nothing quite like homemade chicken salad, pimento cheese, and baked goods when one is away from home.

The servicemen from Camp Lejeune were not the only ones to sacrifice and serve at Baptist Children’s Homes this past month. Across the state, men, women, and children showed up to serve at Friends of Children events, helped at the Broyhill Home Barbecue Festival, participated in Ride to Clyde, attended Service Saturday, supported Food Roundup, and much more. Never underestimate the power of showing up.

By coming and volunteering, it reminds BCH’s staff that they are not alone serving children and families. It’s an opportunity to forge new relationships and join together for the cause of Christ.

Recently, a young man in care attended a volunteer event. He asked his foster dad why all the people had shown up. This opened the door for the foster dad to share the Gospel with the boy. He was able to remind him of his worth and value to Christ. The boy learned the people were not the only ones who showed up for him, but that Jesus loved him so much that he too showed up by coming to earth, dying on a cross, raising from the dead, and promising to come again. Within a few short days, that precious child accepted Christ.

Serving with BCH is more than completing a task. It is about being the hands and feet of Jesus—demonstrating to those in care that they are valued, loved, and worthy of our time.

If you would like to volunteer, we can help find your spot. If you’ve already volunteered, thank you and come back soon. New opportunities are posted daily on our volunteer website

Written by Kristyn Butts, BCH Director of Volunteer Engagement

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