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RHR friends meet goal, last two homes named

The quiet ridge at River Hill Angus Farm overlooking the picturesque countryside will soon be bustling with the sounds of construction machinery. And in the near future, it will come alive with children’s laughter.

The building of three new Family Foster Homes for children will soon commence now that North Carolina Baptists and faithful

friends of Baptist Children’s Homes of North Carolina (BCH) have met the $4.3 million fundraising goal for River Hill Refuge.

“It’s to God’s glory that we have been blessed with friends who are just as passionate as we are to see vulnerable children in our state have these compassionate homes,” BCH president/CEO Michael C. Blackwell shared.

Brothers Jay and Wes Westmoreland donated acreage from their family’s River Hill Angus Farm in Shelby, the inspiration for the project’s name. They also gave a lead gift to build the first home which will be named in honor of their late father, Dr. Ted G. Westmoreland.

The lead gift for the second home was made by Whittier residents Tom and Marcia Huskey in honor of Marcia’s late sister Star. Marcia

served as her sister’s guardian as Star struggled with chronic mental illness. When she passed, the Huskeys were the recipients of her assets. After praying about it, the couple decided to give funds from the sale of property Star owned to build the second home at River Hill Refuge. The home will be named “Starlite House” in her memory.

“The reason was to honor Star but also because at the end of the tunnel we hope every child sees the light for a good life,” Marcia