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Partnership with BSCNC a highlight of Annual Meeting

Applause erupted from attendees at the evening session of the Annual Meeting of the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina

(BSCNC) on Monday, November 8 when Baptist Children’s Homes of North Carolina (BCH) received $300,000 in funding for the new EVERY CHILD Foster & Adoption Ministry. The surprise check presentation was a highlight for BCH as the EVERY CHILD partnership between BCH and BSCNC was highlighted as a

part of the two-day gathering at the Koury Convention Center in Greensboro.

“Humbling is what immediately comes to my mind when I reflect on the magnitude of this gift from our passionate North Carolina Baptist friends,” BCH president/CEO Michael C. Blackwell said.

The presentation of an oversized check was made to Blackwell by recently-elected BSCNC executive director-treasurer Todd Unzicker

during his inaugural address to messengers.

“The Baptist Children’s Homes of North Carolina is a vital ministry partner, and we are excited about the launch of the EVERY CHILD

initiative,” Unzicker said. “Scripture tells us that God is a father to the fatherless and calls us to care for the needs of orphans.”

With approximately 16,000 children in the North Carolina foster care system, the goal of the EVERY CHILD partnership is to equip

churches to be directly involved in foster care and adoption.

Unzicker said the contribution will “bring help and hope to precious souls” and make an eternal difference in children’s lives.

“Because of North Carolina Baptists’ faithfulness, there are children across the state who will finally discover the safety and security of a loving home, and, God willing, they will find joy and hope in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ,” Unzicker said.

Church leaders and messengers spent considerable time at

BCH’s Annual Meeting display booth learning how to involve their churches with EVERY CHILD. BCH also held two breakout sessions. The first presented an overview of EVERY CHILD and gave attendees opportunity to ask specific questions. The second shared BCH’s expertise serving children from a myriad of traumatic circumstances, and how churches can recognize and best respond to behaviors stemming from trauma in the children and youth they serve.

On Tuesday, November 9, Blackwell gave a short, impassioned report to messengers at the Annual Meeting’s morning session. From abused and abandoned children to aging adults, Blackwell highlighted the variety of people BCH now serves through its, as he put it, “many ministries, to the glory of God, beating with one heart.”

Overcome with emotion, Blackwell had to regain his composure as he referenced serving “unborn babies who deserve a chance at life.” As they had done so during Unzicker’s check presentation, the audience burst into applause once again.

“This is BCH! We will not be discouraged. We will not be defeated,” Blackwell exclaimed. “God is on the side of children. And, so is the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina.”

Click here to learn more about EVERY CHILD Foster & Adopt and how we can work with your church.

Written by Blake Ragsdale, Director of Communications

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