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New home to be place of healing for birth moms

For more than 40 years, Christian Adoption Services (CAS), a ministry of Baptist Children’s Homes, has ministered to expectant women during some of their darkest days. Through counseling, support groups, and annual retreats, CAS sought to show these women that their story is far from over. These precious ladies, needed just a bit more, a bit more love, a bit more time, and a bit more security and stability.

CAS wanted to do more for some time. Despite its robust counseling opportunities and its life-changing annual retreat, CAS was keenly aware that some of these courageous women were dealing with a deep level of heartache and emotion after placing their child for adoption. There needed to be a way to come alongside and help them in their journey.

People prayed and God did what only God could do. On a blustery November 6 morning, Baptist Children’s Homes (BCH) officially broke ground on renovations for BCH’s newest ministry—The Emmanuel Home—an after-care home for mothers who choose adoption for their child but need more time and care to find healing for themselves.

BCH President/CEO Michael C. Blackwell shared a grateful heart as he stood before the group at this historic 1914 era home which sits near Mills Home in Thomasville. “We cannot offer this morning to God anything other than a heart of gratitude.”

Blackwell gave God the glory saying it is God who has brought this to fruition.

“This home will offer birth mothers who have chosen life for their child a beacon of light and hope during a difficult time,” Blackwell said.

Faithful BCH family, friends, and church partners completely finished the demolition work in just two days. The house, which sat vacant for many years, began to come back to life.

The imagery of the house which was broken and left to a hopeless

future will become a place of healing—all through Christ’s love!

Beyond the deepest valleys the highest mountains rise heavenly. The Emmanuel Home will not be an end to a story, but a place of beginnings.

Written by Cyndie Truax, BCH Director of Strategic Initiatives & Special Projects

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