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Model the kindness and forgivenesss of Jesus

I absolutely love reading about the amazing adventures of King David in the Old Testament. He was a mighty warrior, a wise king, a man after God’s heart––and a sinner. And like us all, he suffered the consequences––heart broken to see how his sin destroyed relationships and devastated the lives of those closest to him.

There was one relationship David had that always confounded me. I confess, when I read the story of Ahithophel––David’s friend, counselor, and, ultimately, his traitor––I would just gloss over it. It never made sense. The verses gave no apparent reason for Ahithophel’s change of heart against David. Then, I learned the intriguing secret behind his festering need to exact revenge.

Keith Henry, BCH Chief Operating Officer

You may remember, King David’s son Absolom rebels and seeks to dethrone his father and become king. When David realizes what is happening, he is heartbroken and turns to the person he believes to be his most devout friend and advisor, Ahithophel. Shockingly, Ahithophel joins Absolom in his rebellion! David hears the news of the betrayal fleeing from Jerusalem and he is devastated.

Ahithophel’s hidden rage against David bubbles up when he advises Absolom to publicly sleep with the King’s concubines. It now escalated to the vengeful public shaming of David––there is no going back for the conspirators.

But the rebellion fails. Absolom is killed while hanging in a tree by his hair and Ahithophel commits suicide. But the question r