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Military service members volunteer to help families

The month of April was spent celebrating the many wonderful volunteers who have found their “spot!” Regardless of their age, where they live, or what their interests, they discovered the place where they could serve and be involved with Baptist Children’s Homes (BCH) many ministries. It is because of the volunteers and church partnerships that BCH is able to continue the mission of sharing hope and changing lives in dozens of communities across North Carolina, in South Carolina, and in Guatemala. We are so grateful for each person, for each hour, and for each act of loving service completed.

Christian philosopher and evangelical church leader Francis Schaeffer wrote: “We must do the Lord’s work in the Lord’s way.” At BCH, we believe that “the Lord’s way” includes building existing and new relationships, serving those vulnerable and in need, and sharing the love of Jesus. Recently, I had an opportunity to meet with the military ministry partners at Camp Lejeune’s Protestant Chapel in Jacksonville. The meeting became the beginning of an exciting new relationship between BCH and the chaplains who serve members of the armed forces aboard Camp Lejeune, New River Air Station, Camp Johnson, and Camp Geiger. Through this partnership, service members now have the opportunity to assist at Kennedy Home in Kinston through Greater Vision Outreach. Greater Vision Outreach serves vulnerable working families by offering food and clothing distribution, health and education programs, and referral and preventive services for families in crisis.

Community service is highly encouraged by our armed forces. Serving with BCH will give service members the opportunity to earn service hours while also significantly helping with sorting and stocking donations. While at Kennedy Home, the men and women will also see and hear about the love of Jesus through BCH’s work with children and families.

BCH already has a partnership with Fort Liberty and service members there volunteer with us at several of our locations in the east central part of the state. BCH looks forward to forming new partnerships with other military installations across the state. We are so grateful for the sacrificial and selfless service of our service members at home and abroad.

If you are interested in serving at Greater Vision, we also have a spot for you. Volunteers are needed regularly for sorting donations, washing/drying/stocking donated clothing and linens, and organizing the marketplace.

Additional volunteers are needed to serve as client advocates.

After completing an application, background checks, and training, client advocates are matched with clients in the self-sufficiency program. They meet monthly to support and encourage clients as they set “SMART” goals, implement strategies, and connect with resources. Relationships built on trust between the advocate and the clients lead to hope and lives changed.

Greater Vision is located in Kinston at Kennedy Home as well as in Thomasville at Mills Home. You can sign up to serve with Greater Vision at either location by going to

Have you found your spot to serve with BCH yet? Check out the volunteer website for exciting changes and a growing list of volunteer opportunities where you can find your spot to serve. As a volunteer, you have the opportunity to truly be the hands and feet of Jesus.

Visit to learn more and/or submit a volunteer interest form. To ensure that you have an excellent volunteering experience and to protect the safety of our residents, always preregister for volunteer events. Check back often and be on the lookout for exciting updates that will include the option to create your own volunteer account and an interactive map with volunteer opportunities to help you find your spot.

For information about serving as a volunteer at Kristyn Butts can be contacted at 336-943-3862 or

By Kristyn Butts, BCH Director of Volunteer Engagement

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