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Kicking down doors together...let's kick harder

Fall is our focused time to share our Baptist Children’s Homes (BCH) story and promote what has been traditionally called our “Thanksgiving Offering.” Since our earliest years, churches have gathered together and joined efforts to raise funds to care for the most vulnerable across our state. There have been very lean times throughout the years, but North Carolina Baptists have never wavered in their commitment to their children’s homes.

The last three years have been a challenge in many ways, but your faithfulness sustained us. No matter the need, whether food, clothes, school supplies, or funds to keep our lights on, you were there. Thank You!

Prior to COVID we were in more than 1,000 churches every year sharing the BCH story. Since COVID we have not been able to be in as many churches. We are ready to get back to normal. We are ready to be in your church! We want to come and share the redemptive story of how God is using your church to bring hope and transformation, in and through this ministry.

This lawyer, speaker, and New York Times best-selling author Bob Goff ’s quote caught my attention. “I used to think God guided us by opening and closing doors, but now I know sometimes God wants us to kick some doors down.” Let’s not let COVID continue to impact our opportunity to tell the story. Let’s kick some doors down for North Carolina’s most vulnerable. All we need is an invite and we are there.

Last year, you and I as North Carolina Baptists cared for close to 157,000 people. But there are so many more in need. We are located in 35 communities across the state, two offices in

South Carolina providing adoption services, and in three orphanages and a clinic in Guatemala. These nearly 157,000, and the thousands more, need you...need me. They need us to kick some doors down on their behalf. They need us to give them a voice. They need us to share their story.

A birthmother enters the hospital to give birth to her precious baby girl. She realizes she is not in a position to provide her precious child a home and calls Christian Adoption Services (CAS). There she finds love and respect for the difficult and courageous decision she makes to place her child into a wonderful, Christian home. The care does not stop once she leaves the hospital but continues as she is given the support she needs to heal. Her journey at CAS leads her to a decision to ask Jesus to be her Lord and Savior. You are kicking the doors down.

As a young teen, she struggled to understand her family dynamics. No one seemed to be able to offer her the stability she needed. She lived in a drug infested world and witnessed the horrible consequences of domestic violence. The trauma filled her with anger, rebellion, and hopelessness. She has lived at BCH now for more than a year. During that time, she has faced her circumstances with truth, truth that has been poured into her by her wonderful counselors. That truth has transformed her life. You are kicking the doors down.

A precious young boy who as a baby was left in a burning house. His burns were severe and, now at age six, he lives in a BCH cottage care home with his cottage parents. He is overcoming many obstacles, but he will be dealing with the trauma from his past for years to come. This summer he took a beach trip with his cottage where he gazed with awe when he saw the ocean for the very first time. You could see the special moment reflected in his big open eyes and sweet smile. You are kicking the doors down.

She is nine years old. She lives in our orphanage in Guatemala. She was severely abused as a baby and young toddler. She has epilepsy and struggles with being able to control aggressive impulses because of the challenges she faces. Prayers are greatly needed at this time. You are kicking the doors down.

This family lost everything they owned, including their beloved family pets, in a house fire. They are receiving food, household items, and counseling through the Bob and Carolyn Tucker Greater Vision Outreach Ministry. Staff and volunteers are encouraging, supporting, and guiding them through the ministry’s self-sufficiency program which helps them connect to the resources they need to ultimately support themselves once again. You are kicking the doors down.

Two young boys were living in a condemned house with no running water or electricity. The youngest boy’s first question about his new BCH home was: “Are there rats in this house?” His

BCH cottage mom assured him there were none. He told her that at his old house rats crawled around his bed at night. Tonight, he will sleep in a safe (no rat zone) warm bed. You are kicking the

doors down.

We are caring for several sibling groups. Separation among siblings can be traumatic—no child wants to be separated from brothers

and sisters. We are so thankful to have the room in our statewide-locations to be able to keep siblings together and not separating them by distance. You are kicking the doors down.

He is now 13 years old. He was abandoned by his family at a young age and is still waiting to be adopted. He dreams of having a family who plays games, watches movies, eats pizza, and attends church together. He believes there is a mother and father for him. While he waits, every day loving cottage parents are sharing with him how special he is and how much they care. Pray! You are kicking down doors.

Let’s kick harder! Help us to be their voice. Help us tell their story. This month your church will receive their BCH Annual Offering materials. Please encourage your church to walk with us on this journey to care for the most vulnerable among us. We would love to come to your church and share the BCH story. All we need is an

invite and we are there. We are ready to share the amazing BCH “kicking down doors” story with your church.

Written by Brenda Gray, Vice President of Development & Communications

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