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Keep the stories alive: Pass it on Part 4

Sixteen-year-old Hannah, right, studies a glass lizard with the help of Chief Lizzy.

Hannah’s story continues to evolve as she trusts Jesus in her daily life.

Camp Duncan in Aberdeen became the right place for Hannah to find the help she needed to overcome some big challenges. Her parents’ divorce was difficult for Hannah. Family dynamics were strained, and Hannah was struggling in her relationship with her father and stepmother. Hannah even tried running away

The structure at Camp Duncan for Girls, however, and the relationships with her Chiefs were instrumental to Hannah’s growth.

“Chiefs are group leaders, they’re like parents, they help us with academics and help us talk out what’s on our minds and in our hearts,” she says.

As time passed, the Camp staff and her chiefs perceived that Hannah needed some- thing they could not give her –– a relationship with God.

“One day, Chief Paul asked me if I wanted to talk about it. That’s when I got saved,” Hannah says smiling. “It was March 3, 2018.”

One of the biggest changes Hannah has seen in herself, and has also not gone unnoticed by her family and friends, is her ever- present smile.

“People say I’m always positive and always smiling,” she says. “It makes me feel awesome to hear them say this be- cause I used to not be this happy.”

Hannah’s relationships with her family have also greatly improved to the point where the family was able to be reunited. Hannah has successfully returned home.

“I accepted Christ at Camp, and now I’m a changed person,” she says.

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Article written by Blake Ragsdale, Managing Editor and Jim Edminson, Editor

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