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Keep the stories alive: Pass it on Part 1

Great stories are passed on.

The DeHart family grew by two this past year as the foster care couple, who were trained and licensed by Baptist Children's Homes, adopted Nathan and T.J. giving the brothers the forever home they needed.

At Baptist Children’s Homes (BCH), great stories abound. And the stories we tell at one moment in time, change and continue to unfold –– like the one that was this year’s annual offering feature story.

The story of the two brothers, “Jacob” and “Jonah,” who appear in the offering video was first produced when the boys were in the custody of the department of social services and their names and images were not used in order to keep their identities private. The story was told with the help of two young volun- teers who played the roles of the brothers to bring the story to life. But now, the rest of their story can be told.

“Jacob” and “Jonah” are Nathen and T.J. The brothers were truly homeless and lived in a tent in the woods with a mother strug- gling to stay employed and sober. When the department of social services learned of the boys’ situation, they brought them to BCH where the siblings found a caring home with cottage parents and other boys.

There, they no longer had to be concerned about being fed, having dry beds, or clean clothing. Their cottage parents took care of their every need and taught them about God’s love.

After being in the cottage for a time, the boys had the opportunity to go and live with Mark and Janina DeHart, a husband and wife who were trained and licensed as foster parents through BCH. The boys missed their mother, but found happiness with the DeHarts.

On October 24, Nathen and T.J.’s foster family became their “forever family” when the DeHarts officially adopted them. On the invitation for their adoption celebration, the DeHarts wrote, “Wanted. Chosen. Loved. Adopted. We found our missing pieces. God answered our prayers.”

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Article written by Blake Ragsdale, Managing Editor and Jim Edminson, Editor

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