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John's life looks different - Back to School

This past spring things were different. John’s class did not meet in a school building because of COVID-19. But that wasn’t the only thing that was different. John’s home is different. Instead of living in a run-down house, he lives in a beautiful family-style cottage at Baptist Children's Homes (BCH) with nine other boys. Instead of having to wake his mother because she had been drinking all night, he wakes up to caring cottage parents and a good breakfast. Instead of wearing dirty clothes, John wears clean clothing every day. Last year, he made his best grades even though his school was in the cottage he now calls “home.”

The gifts of good grades, a good home, and most importantly––a good life––are made possible through back-to-school gifts. Because of the uncertainty of the pandemic, John and the hundreds of BCH boys and girls may not be able to attend classes in a school building. They may continue their studies in their cottages. But one thing is for certain, they’ll need your help to be successful.

All the basic supplies are needed. What we discovered, as our cottage parents provided educational support in the cottages, the children needed Google Chromebooks to complete classwork as teachers posted assignments online. Copy paper, to print out assignments on cottage printers, was vital. And having funds for tutoring, to assist our children, was a must.

While things may look different, the needs remain the same. We cannot bring help and hope without your compassionate generosity. Please become a back-to-school sponsor this year and change a child’s future forever.

You can choose one of the sponsorship packages below:

  • BACK-TO-SCHOOL #1 - $75 - Help provide school supplies, lab fees or athletic equipment.

  • BACK-TO-SCHOOL #2 - $150 - Help provide new clothes and shoes for one child.

  • BACK-TO-SCHOOL #3- $300 - Help provide a complete package including new clothes, coat, school supplies, lab fees and funds for special activities.

  • BACK-TO-SCHOOL #4- $600 - Help provide Google Chromebrooks for children to complete assignments and tutoring to help them achieve their academic goals.

Thank you!

Michael C. Blackwell


You can make the school year a success for BCH's children!

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