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How did you become involved? Share your story!

As I visit with family and friends of Baptist Children’s Homes (BCH), one of my first questions is, “How did you hear about our ministry?” I love hearing stories of how people have been touched by BCH. I am always inspired by their generosity and desire to give and be a part of the story today. I love hearing their “why.”

The parent of a young girl called and shared that her daughter had heard about our ministry in Vacation Bible School. She was so moved by the stories of children whose mommies and daddies could not care for them that she asked her mom to help her do something to help the kids. On her birthday she asked her family and friends to help our children by giving to them instead of giving

her presents. I love hearing stories of children helping children.

A number of you have shared with me how when you were a child your family would have a child from BCH come and stay with your family during holidays. The impact of the story shared with you by your parents instilled in you the commitment to care for the children coming into our care today.

“I have to give back. When I needed a home, BCH was there. They gave me unconditional love, something my family could not give me at the time. They gave me a home for eight years. They made it possible for me to go to college and gave me the emotional support to complete my LCSW license. Today I am giving back by helping other children as a clinical social worker. My husband proposed to me at the big tree behind Mrs. Gray’s house. I have so many wonderful memories. My husband and I have chosen to give back by being a monthly giver to BCH. Others gave that I might have a family, I give so they (the children of today and tomorrow) can have a family.”

“Our Association shared that you needed Easter baskets for the children. We were so excited to collect items and make special Easter baskets for the children. It was so much fun!”

A Sunday School teacher shares his love for BCH’s boys and girls and one of his class members decides to leave a legacy gift that will impact the lives of hundreds of children. So many lights in the darkness. So many voices raised on behalf of those we serve.

Three precious boys were living in a car, cold and hungry. When they walked through our doors, you were there. The peanut butter and jelly made its way to the table and a conversation of hope began. Their eyes became big and bright as they viewed their rooms. There was a bed with pillows and stuffed animals. There were action figures on the shelves. It looked like a typical young boys’ room. But their lives had been anything but typical. Two things that all of our children have in common is trauma and hunger.

April and May are two months we count on you to raise your voice for those who cannot speak for themselves. April is a time when churches all across North Carolina rally together to feed our children. Your association and your church recently received a letter with a needs list asking for help to feed those who walk through our doors. I want to ask you to do two things,

1. Make sure your church received the information

2. Be their voice. Encourage your Sunday school class, your mission friends, your entire church to help us feed the children.

With the increase in food cost your help is critical!

May is Friends of Children month. It is a time when church groups all across our state converge on our campuses for one day mission trips. We need you! Please encourage your church to bring a group to one of our campuses.

June begins Vacation Bible School season. One of our strongest advocates heard about Baptist Children’s Homes as a child at Vacation Bible School. “A speaker and some of the children came

to our church.” Invite a speaker from BCH to be one of your mission speakers during VBS. I am so inspired by the number of children helping our children through VBS.

Did you know, the number one reason people give when asked why they give of their time and financial resources is...they were asked. So, I am asking. Will you give of your time and resources? Will you be a light in their darkness? Will you fill their tummies with food? Will you come and visit during one of our workdays?

So, how did you get involved with BCH? Why do you give? These are some of the reasons our champions, our partners gave when asked this question.

  • “They have rescued thousands of children over the past 138 years.” “To whom much is given, much is required.”

  • “I give because they are good stewards. The ministry is cost-effective with the majority of funds given going into direct service to those in need.”

  • “I love the children.”

  • “My wife and I are supporters of BCH for many reasons, but a particular reason is that we want to be encouragers and helpers of those that have been overlooked, abused or otherwise discarded in society. We realize that all people are created by God and are valued by Him. We therefore, want to assist them physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.”

  • “God owns it all, but he chooses to place it in our pockets. We want to use it to build God’s kingdom. It is His money—we are striving to be found faithful with it.”

  • “These are investments into God’s kingdom that will bear eternal returns.”

These heartfelt reasons say it all. I am so thankful for each of our ministry partners, both young and old. You all inspire and encourage me! If you do not tell them your BCH story, how will they hear? Please share! Please speak up for those that cannot speak for themselves. I will look forward to seeing trucks filled with food during the Food Roundup and buses filled with people at our Friends of Children workdays. Thank you for being light in their darkness, food in their hungry bellies, and hope in their despair!

Written by Brenda Gray, Executive Vice President, Development & Communications. To answer the call by making a gift, contact Brenda at 336-689-4442, or click here make an immediate gift.

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