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Guatemala homes need $100,000 at start of 2023

Baptist Children’s Homes is committed to bringing healing to the orphaned children who come to Good Shepherd Ministries in Guatemala. Through the Good Shepherd Children’s Home, the Westmoreland Family Children’s Home, and the Mae Home, children are given hope and the promise of a better tomorrow. It is all made possible through the prayers and support of friends and donors.

Recently, I received an update on Mae Home from Roger and Vicki Grossman, (our missionaries in Guatemala). They write: “Mae Home is near completion but there remains much to be done. The very good thing is we already have had five children living in the home and all of them love it. They have a lot more responsibilities and more of a routine in this home but all are pitching in and are growing in stature and in the Lord.

“The five children range in ages from 16 years of age to eight years of age. The two boys are in their own bedroom and the girls are in their own bedroom. The left side of the building is basically finished—only lacking some shelving, furnishings, and the final security system). This side includes the kitchen, dining area, empty living area, two workers bedrooms with bath, the three girls’ bedroom with bath, and the boys’ bedroom with bath. On the right-hand side of the home there is a tall wall with glass on top. This is the open laundry area with two pilas and clothes lines. The unfinished little room in the middle will be semi open, but roofed with clothes lines.

During the rainy season, getting clothes dried is a challenge. The small structure will help. The final two bedrooms for three children in each need some work and the outside lacks a lot of sealing, more teja, and sidewalks. The inside patio area is unfinished. We will have a small vegetable garden for training purposes in this area. “Many thanks for making this ministry to children possible. Please pray and give. Your financial gifts are helping rescue children for eternity.”

We need your help now in these three areas:

1. Prayers

2. Mission teams to help us finish the building project. Call Mark Abernathy at Baptist on Mission to schedule a time for your group to go.

3. Financial support to complete the Mae Home. We need $25,000 to complete this project. We had raised the needed funds for the project but with the lack of teams going during COVID, we had to hire local builders to do the work and the cost of building materials has increased, resulting in a shortfall.

4. Financial support for operating the three orphanages. We presently need $100,000. Thanks to many of you who have already given to make it possible for us to be there for these precious children. We are presently serving 35 children through our three homes. The needs are overwhelming. We need to finish this home and to serve more children at this time.

Thank you so much for your prayerful consideration of a special gift that will give these boys and girls a much-needed chance at life. Remember, these children “are being rescued for eternity.”

Call me at 336-689-4442 or email at if you have any questions.

Written by Brenda Gray, Vice President of Development & Communications

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